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Leigh & Travis Creekbaum

Although I grew up in a small town in south Alabama, I’m blessed to be the only child of world travelers who ensured I knew there was more to life than Monroeville, AL.

I’m an Auburn University honors graduate and I double majored in Business and Psychology.  While at Auburn, I was Miss Greek Week and Top 10 Miss Glomerata.  When I graduated from college in ’98, I knew 90% of what I would do involved people (hence, Psychology degree) and the understanding of the importance of financial planning was just beginning.  Therefore, my first job was with Prudential Securities where I trained and obtained all the licenses to be a Financial Advisor.  From Pru, I worked at Merrill Lynch for 6 years before moving to UBS Financial Services where I am a financial planner.  I am thankful to not only work in an industry that, in partnership with technology, allows us the luxury to frequently travel, but also I love what I do – both “on and off the field”!

Sharing passions for both assisting clients preserve, as well as grow, their net worths and a love of the outdoors, Travis and I were married in 2004.  Shortly thereafter, we purchased a couple hundred acres in Coosa County, Alabama and our collective focus of Wildlife Management began.  Since ’04, we’ve been to Canada duck, geese, bear, and deer hunting, as well as deer hunting in Indiana and, of course, all over Alabama in pursuit of deer and turkey.  We also have a Field Trial Champion Labrador retreiver, Ace, who loves it when we take him to Mississippi duck hunting and, boy is he fun to watch!

In the fall of 2007, Travis and I learned we were expecting a baby girl in May of ’08…little did we know how this life event would change us forever.  On May 9, 2008, Grayton Creekbaum was born full term and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz but was having difficulty breathing.  Because of mother’s intuition, when I didn’t hear her cry I instantly knew something horrible was wrong.  She had a (undiagnosed) birth defect known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  Immediately, she was whisked off to Children’s Hospital where she stayed for 6 weeks – her entire life.  I didn’t get to hold her until the end.  Words cannot express how terrible it is to lose a child but I am so blessed to have my faith and a life partner in Travis who is patient and understanding.  Losing a child can be devastating for couples and we were determined good things were going to come from the death of Grayton and so many have.  After her memorial service, we “hibernated” at our log home on our plantation fishing, finding pottery and arrowheads and Travis introduced me to bow hunting…..and I am hooked!!!

2009s whitetail season was “interrupted” with the birth of our son, Gray!  He is a happy and healthy boy who is surrounded by grandparents eager to babysit while Travis and I travel to pursue our goal of having our own television show capturing our hunts and the pursuit of the outdoors….hence, our name is “The Chase”.  We soon found that leaving him was not possible and Travis made the investment of a bus wrapped in the vision of “Scent Blocker’s The Chase w/ Leigh & Travis” so that our boy can be a part of nearly every adventure in our quest to chase the wild.

The Chase